In the Field

Update: 27 March 2017:  Next month the CORAL team begins its final two field campaigns in Guam and Palau. The in-water validation teams will be working in Guam from April 7-18 and Palau from May 1-16, with the airplane stationed in Guam for the duration of both missions. Check on the Palau/Marianas field campaign page of the website to see the team’s progress and get updates from the field! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for even more news.

Last year, in preparation for the first field campaign in Australia, part of the benthic field validation team honed its skills on the reefs of Bermuda. Take a peek at the video and photos below to get insight into the team’s activities, as well as an underwater tour of Bermuda’s reefs at North Rock.


A closer look at “practice locations” in Bermuda: Sea Venture Shoals and North Rock.


Where is CORAL Now?

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